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Reiki Relaxation and Healing Meditation

Currently at

Salt Cave Santa Barbara

Experience a REIKI healing and relaxation session that will help you release disempowering/unhealthy thoughts, emotions and habits that block your ability to express your True Purpose in life.


The Reiki System of Natural Healing is a Japanese healing technique used to activate and promote the natural healing abilities of the body by reducing stress and inducing relaxation. Reiki uses Divine Chi (Life Force Energy) to heal. It is a valuable complement to all healing therapies, including main stream medicine.

What can you expect?

At the beginning of the session we do introductions and focus on our intentions for healing. In other words, we ask that you think about what is present in our life that you would like to be released, healed, improved or transformed? 

You will be guided through simple breathing techniques to help you integrate the healing energy in your body and connect mindfully with your inner self and the present moment.

You can choose to seat or lie down on the salt and allow your body to relax in a meditative sate while we run Reiki healing energy for everyone in the room. 

We'll also talk about how energy works within you and how it works in creating our circumstances in life (positive and negative).


These sessions are a deep transformational experience in health and consciousness.

They take place twice a month on Saturdays. Please don't miss your chance and register soon!

To register please contact Salt Cave Santa Barbara -