Energy Cleansing

Energy Cleansing treatments release the negative energy attachments in the body and energy field that create blocks and distortions in our moods, thoughts, health,  relationship with others, and life.

I was introduced to this special healing technique in Argentina almost 23 years ago by my teacher Pedro E Rios. 


These treatments completely transformed and healed my life, I am honored to be able to carry on this ancient healing lineage and help others transform in the same way.

Healing Packages are available as follows:

Set of 4 Healing Sessions: $600 ($150 p/session) - Sessions to be provided once a week for a total of 4 consecutive weeks.

Set of 2 Healing Sessions: $ 330 ($165 p/session) - Sessions to be provided twice within a 1 month period.

One Healing Session $180

TO BOOK please contact Guille at Guille@HealCoach.Com or through the contact form on this page.