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Healing Meditation

Individual Guided Meditation

Guided healing meditation techniques to release thoughts, emotions and habits that distort our experiences and interfere with our natural balance, sense of awareness,  identity, and behavior.

What can you expect?

At the beginning of the session we will focus our intentions for healing. In other words, we ask that you think about what is present in our life that you would like to be released, healed, improved or transformed? 

I will guide you through simple and advanced techniques including:


breath work


chakra meditation


energy healing techniques 


The purpose of these techniques is to harness healing chi  in  your body, raise your awareness of the roots and causes of your suffering,  and connect deeply with your inner wisdom to guide you on the path to healing that is right for you. 

You'll learn how energy works within you and how it works in creating the circumstances in your life (positive and negative).

These sessions are a deep transformational experience in health and consciousness.

Healing Meditation Classes: Service
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