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If you've found yourself here, it's likely that you're seeking a more meaningful and purposeful transformation in your life. It's an honor to have you here. You're at the right place if you're yearning for healing, change, personal growth, and a deeper understanding of your own spiritual nature. My name is Guillermina but most people know me by my nickname "Guille" (pronounced Ghee-Jay). My purpose is to provide support, encouragement, and empowerment on this journey of self-discovery and healing. Our journey will be intimate, grounded in practical approaches to spiritual exploration. By employing transformative tools like energy healing, meditation, and the wisdom of Zen teachings, we can dive deep into expanding your personal and spiritual awareness. Together, we'll create the change you desire and find a harmonious balance in your life. Each person's journey is unique, with its own set of challenges. Rest assured that as we navigate your unique path, we'll continuously rise above limitations, opening up broader perspectives beyond your current circumstances. I've had the honor of witnessing the incredible resilience and inner strength displayed by my clients. Their journey is a constant source of inspiration and is humbling to behold. The goal of our journey is not just to overcome obstacles, but to touch the very core of your being and stimulate an inner awakening. This awakening serves as a healing force, guiding your path forward. In this transformative process, you'll find that you possess an inner strength greater than any challenge you face. Welcome again, and thank you for trusting in this journey. I look forward to walking with you on this path of self-discovery, healing, and transformation. Let's embrace the journey ahead with an open heart and mind. Let's begin!

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