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Energy Healing Sessions

Are you seeking balance, harmony, and well-being in your life? Let me be your guide on a transformative journey through energy healing. With over 25 years of experience studying and practicing various energy healing modalities, including Usui Reiki, I provide a profound healing experience tailored to your unique circumstances. Together, we will address the holistic needs of your mind, body, and spirit, bringing you closer to a state of well-being.

Whether you seek relief from physical discomfort, mental or emotional challenges, difficult life experiences, or simply desire an enhanced state of overall well-being, my energy healing sessions are tailored to support you on your path.


Here is a more detailed overview of what you can expect during our energy healing session:


1. Consultation and Intention Setting: Prior to the session, we will engage in a thorough conversation where I actively listen to your concerns, challenges, aspirations, and goals. Together, we will establish clear intentions for the healing session, ensuring that your unique needs are addressed and honored.


2. Energetic Assessment and Diagnosis: Drawing upon my intuitive abilities and comprehensive understanding of energy systems, I will assess your energetic field to identify any imbalances, blockages, or areas of stagnation that may be affecting your well-being. This assessment helps us gain insight into the underlying energetic patterns and informs the course of the healing session.


3. Energy Balancing and Clearing: Energy clearing is a powerful way to releasing negative energy attachments in the body and energy field, which can create blocks and distortions in various aspects of our lives, including our moods, thoughts, health, and relationships with others. Through a combination of techniques, I will work with your energy field to clear away stagnant or discordant energies. By facilitating the balanced flow of energy, we aim to restore harmony, vitality, and optimal functioning to your physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects.


4. Chakra Alignment and Harmonization: The body possesses seven major energy centers known as chakras, each associated with specific aspects of our being. Emotional, mental and physical suffering can interrupt the normal production of energy in the chakras. These disruptions can cause some chakras to disconnect from the rest and restrict and/or block the flow of energy to some areas of the body. I will work to align and harmonize your chakras, ensuring the smooth flow of energy throughout your entire system. This process promotes a sense of wholeness, alignment, and overall well-being.


5. Intuitive Healing and Guidance: As I attune to your unique energy field, I may receive intuitive insights or messages that provide deeper understanding and guidance for your healing journey. I will share these insights with you, fostering self-awareness, clarity, and empowerment.


6. Usui Reiki: As a certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, I will channel healing energy through my hands, directing it to the areas that require additional support and nourishment. Reiki promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and supports the body's natural healing processes.


7. Relaxation and Cell Rejuvenation: Throughout the session, you will be encouraged to let go, surrender, and enter a state of deep relaxation. As the energy flows and harmonizes within you, many clients experience a profound sense of calm, peace, and cell rejuvenation. This state of relaxation supports the body's natural healing processes and enhances your own ability to heal.


8. Integration and Aftercare Support: Following the energy healing session, I will provide you with guidance and practical suggestions to integrate and nurture the healing effects in your daily life. This may include self-care practices, meditation techniques, exercises, or lifestyle recommendations tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, I am available to answer any questions or provide further support as you continue your healing journey.


Embrace the transformative power of energy healing and embark on a journey toward improved well-being. Book a session with me today and allow me to support you on your path to healing, self-discovery, and empowerment.

Note: Energy healing complements traditional medical care but should not be considered a substitute for professional medical treatment. Please consult a healthcare professional for any serious medical conditions.


Book an Appointment

Embark on a profound journey of healing and transformation, where you can embrace your highest potential in all aspects of your being. Through my integrated sessions, which combine the powerful practices of Reiki healing, energy work, meditation, and spiritual coaching, you will experience a holistic approach to release blocks and patterns that no longer serve you.

In our sessions together, we will create a sacred space where you can delve deep within, gaining clarity and insight into your life's challenges and opportunities.


Through Reiki healing, the flow of universal life force energy will help to restore balance and harmony in your body, mind, and spirit. Energy work techniques will assist in releasing energetic blockages and old patterns, allowing you to experience a sense of liberation and expansion.


Guided meditation sessions will nurture your inner peace and connection, helping you access your inner wisdom and intuition.

Alongside these practices, I will provide spiritual coaching, empowering you to make conscious choices aligned with your true self and purpose. With compassionate guidance, we will explore your goals, values, and aspirations, helping you navigate life's challenges and make empowered decisions.


You will gain the tools and insights needed to navigate life with clarity, purpose, and resilience. Your sessions will be tailored to your unique needs, providing a supportive and nurturing space for your personal growth and well-being.

Take a proactive step towards holistic well-being by booking an appointment today.

I offer a range of healing services and session packages. To get started, simply click on the “Book an Appointment” button and follow the prompts. I look forward to working with you.

(Note: Appointment availability may be limited, so I encourage you to schedule in advance to secure your preferred date and time.)


Individual Sessions or Healing Packages are available to support your journey towards well-being:

  1. Set of 4 Healing Sessions: $660 ($165 per session) - Sessions will be provided once a week for a total of four consecutive weeks, allowing for a deep and transformative healing experience.

  2. Set of 2 Healing Sessions: $360 ($180 per session) - Sessions will be provided twice within a one-month period, offering a condensed yet impactful healing journey.

  3. One Healing Session: $200 - Experience the healing benefits of a single session, allowing for focused attention on your specific needs.

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