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Certification Class


Many Reiki students may find themselves uncertain about the benefits of taking a Reiki Master class, as they often associate it solely with the intention to teach Reiki. However, the journey of becoming a Reiki Master is so much more! It encompasses a profound sense of purpose, connection to the source of Reiki, and a spiritual path that can be transformative on all levels.

Completing the levels of Reiki by taking a Reiki Master class signifies a solidified commitment to your personal growth and healing. This transformative path allows for the integration of Reiki wisdom into your being, facilitating authentic and congruent change in all aspects of your life.


Through this journey, you will experience a subtle yet profound shift within you as the knowledge and skills acquired in previous levels seamlessly merge into the fabric of your daily life, creating a harmonious and transformative presence.

Becoming a Reiki Master brings about a solemn sense of purpose and connection to the source of Reiki. It is an opportunity to establish yet a deeper and more personal relationship with the energies that underlie this healing modality. This level of connection enhances your ability to channel and work with the healing energies, empowering you to guide others on their healing journeys with wisdom, compassion, and authenticity..

Course Overview


1. Deepening Your Reiki Practice: Immerse yourself in a journey of profound exploration and expansion of your Reiki practice, you will cultivate a heightened sensitivity and expanded awareness of the healing energies within and around you.


2. Attunements and Initiations: Gain a comprehensive understanding of attunements and learn how to perform them responsibly and professionally. We will explore the attunement processes and rituals, ensuring you are equipped with the knowledge and skills to initiate others into the transformative experiences of Reiki with care, reverence, and integrity.

3. Responsibilities and Expectations of a Reiki Master: Embrace the essential responsibilities and expectations that come with being a Reiki Master. We will delve into the ethical considerations, professional conduct, and the profound role of a Reiki Master in providing compassionate guidance and support to clients and students. You will gain insight into the importance of embodying integrity, authenticity, and deep respect as you navigate your path as a Reiki Master.


4. The Role of a Reiki Master/Teacher: Explore the distinction between a Reiki Master and a Reiki Master/Teacher. Understand the additional responsibilities and skills required to effectively teach and guide others on their own Reiki journey. We will discuss teaching methodologies, effective communication, and how to create a supportive learning environment that fosters growth and empowerment.


5. Self-Care and Energy Management: Discover the vital importance of self-care as a Reiki Master. We will explore powerful techniques for self-healing, energy protection, and maintaining energetic integrity and balance. You will learn how to create and maintain a sacred space, establish healthy energetic boundaries, and nourish your own well-being while providing healing support to others.

6. Integration and Personal Growth: Throughout the course, we will provide ample opportunities for personal reflection, integration, and growth. Embrace the transformative power of the Reiki Master path as it unfolds within you.

By completing this Reiki Master Certification Class, you will receive your certification as a Reiki Master, along with a profound understanding of the responsibilities and expectations that come with this role. You will emerge with confidence, knowledge, and skills to teach, guide and support others on their healing journeys while honoring the sacredness of Reiki and maintaining your own well-being.

Beyond The Class


With the support of our Reiki Sangha, Healing Meditation practice, and guided Reiki Practice sessions you will be provided with ample opportunity for inner exploration, group discussions, and mentorship so that you can deepen your understanding of self, align with your life purpose, and nurture your ongoing evolution as a Master Healer.


Join us on this transformative path, where you will deepen your connection to Reiki, expand your healing abilities, and embrace your role as a Reiki Master.


PREREQUISITES: Reiki I, Reiki II, and Reiki III taken with Guillermina Neal or another approved Reiki Master.


Location: Flow Yoga & Wellness, Santa Barbara, CA

Date: October 21, 2023

Time: 12:00PM - 7:00PM

Class Duration: 7 hours 

Tuition: $600 paid on registration. 

Returning Students Fee: $300 if space is available. Please email Guille at to be added to the list.

Registration: You must register online and make your payment to attend this class.

Payments: You can pay online with Credit Card or Paypal, by Check, or Venmo @Guillermina-Neal. For payments with Check or Venmo, or to find out about flexible payment plans please email me at


Reiki Master: Inner_about


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