The Five Reiki Principles

In Collaboration with Reiki Master/Teacher, Susan Rae

The Five Reiki Principles are spiritual and behavioral guidelines rooted in Zen Buddhism and introduced to the practice of the Usui Reiki Healing Method by its founder Mikao Usui. He described the practice of these guidelines as "The secret law to invite happiness and blessings, the spiritual medicine against all illnesses”.

"Just for today, I will live with GRATITUDE


Just for today, I will not WORRY


Just for today, I will not ANGER


Just for today, I do my work HONESTLY/DILIGENTLY


Just for today, I will be KIND to all living things."

In this 5-week workshop, Susan and Guille will guide the study and practice of the ancient spiritual wisdom behind each principle and its application in our daily life.


Week 1

Gratitude In The Present Moment.

Week 2

Healing Habit Energies Of Though, Such as Worry

Week 3

How to Deal With Difficult Emotions, Such As Anger

Week 4 

Self Awareness. Practicing With Diligence and Integrity

Week 4

Interconnectedness. We Are All One.

The practice of kindness and respect for all living things.


To find balance and prosper during these uncertain times, it is essential to stay mentally and spiritually healthy. But how can we do that when we are continuously being exposed to change, fear or loss?

Since our healing and meditation office space closed, I have seen many of you online for individual sessions. But we all need a community of like-minded people to support our daily practice.


Thich Nhat Hanh says,


"A Practitioner without a sangha is like a tiger that has left his mountain and gone to the lowland -he can be caught and killed by the villagers... Whoever you are, you can only survive as a practitioner if you have a sangha."


 A sangha is a community of spiritual practitioners. 

 Susan Rae and I are excited to collaborate in this wonderful offering to help strengthen your spiritual practice, meditate,  and continue to heal together.

In each 90-minutes session, we will discuss each principle, assign some homework, and depart with 30 minutes of delightful Reiki healing meditation.


This workshop will allow you to dive deeper into your self-healing and enrich your spiritual growth with the support of a spiritual sangha.

The course begins on Tuesday, January 19th, 2021. It takes place every week on Tuesdays for 5 weeks: Tuesday, Jan 19, 2021 - Tuesday, Feb 16, 2021, from 9:00 am to 10:30 am PST.

You don’t need any previous Reiki knowledge or training to take this class.

The next session of this course will start in the Summer of 2021.



Pricing is a sliding scale between $300-$600.

Upon submission, you will receive a link to complete payment. Payment plans available.

 If you're interested in joining this series please reach out and state your desire to step in.

No one will be turned away due to financial need. Please reach out to join.

Individual Workshop Instruction and Mentorship: $1000 - To Register please contact us by email.

  • "I have had the great honor to call Guille my teacher, my mentor, my inspiration.  From the very moment I met her I knew that I found the person that was going to help change my life forever.  For many years I have been searching and asking the question “what is my purpose?  Why am I here?” And when I went to my first Reiki Meditation class with Guille my questions were answered.  She has the most beautiful spirit and is truly there for her students.  When I have had questions or struggles along the way she was always there to support and encourage me.  My heart and spirit have a completion that I never knew was possible until now, because she helped me along this journey.  I am forever grateful.  Thank you Guille.

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