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Guillermina Neal

Reiki Master/Teacher

Usui Reiki/Holy Fire

IEH - Intuitive Energy Healing

Certified IWWC Energy Healer

Energy Management

Spiritual Lifestyle Coach

Healing Meditation Guide

Welcome to my world of energy healing, spiritual coaching, and self-empowerment. I am Guillermina, but most people affectionately call me Guille (pronounced Ghee-Jay).


I have a diverse and culturally rich background that has shaped who I am today. Born in Argentina to a family that was fairly new to that land, I inherited a tapestry of origins. My great-grandfather hailed from Italy, my grandmother came from Asturias in Spain, and my other grandfather emigrated to Argentina from Germany due to the impact of WWII. This melting pot of heritage has instilled in me a deep appreciation for different traditions and belief systems, with my family's religious background spanning Catholicism, Lutheranism, and Judaism. It has also allowed me to grow up with an open mind and the ability to understand circumstances from many different perspectives.


Throughout my professional journey, I ventured into the business world as a shipbroker, living and working in both London and Buenos Aires. However, life had other plans for me, and in 2002, my personal path led me to the USA. Embracing this new chapter, I dedicated myself to my children and family, seizing the opportunity of a professional impasse to delve deeply into the study of energy management and healing practices.


Formally, my exploration into the realm of energy management and healing meditation techniques began in 1998. The driving force behind this pursuit was my need to understand and manage experiences I had encountered since childhood—an innate ability to perceive others' moods, emotions, and thoughts, along with a heightened sense of empathy. From an early age, I had practiced progressive muscle relaxation, a skill my German grandfather, a yogi, had passed down to me. Through these practices, I experienced transcendental moments and was able to speed up my healing when hurt or sick. At times, I even had glimpses of events that would later unfold.


This profound connection with energy and its potential for healing ignited a passion within me. It became clear that this path of self-discovery and healing was my calling, and I eagerly embraced the opportunity to explore and expand my understanding of these transformative practices.


I have had the privilege of training under highly esteemed teachers both in Argentina and the United States. These remarkable individuals include Psy. D., Metaphysical Teacher, Medium, Channel, and Energy Healer Pedro E. Rios; Vibrational Healer/Teacher Christine Christensen; Intuitive Energy Healer (IEH) founder Catherine Morris; Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and Author John Salat; Dr. Anne Reith at the IWWC; and Julie Russell, a Senior Licensed RMT Usui/Holy Fire II of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). Their guidance and wisdom have enriched my journey of learning and self-discovery, contributing immensely to my approach to energy healing and spiritual coaching.


Through my personal healing exploration, I discovered the profound wisdom and practical qualities of Buddhist teachings. This newfound understanding added yet another layer of depth to my spiritual practices. Embracing the principles of compassion, mindfulness, and interconnectedness, I found a profound resonance with the teachings, which continue to influence and enrich my approach to energy management and healing. As I integrate these valuable insights into my work, my mission to empower others on their own paths of growth and healing is further fortified.


In 2011, I opened my healing practice, and by 2012, I discovered the life-transforming power of Reiki—a Japanese technique for stress reduction and healing that has since become the cornerstone of my work.

Using energy management and healing techniques, I assist clients in releasing energetic blockages and old patterns that have held them back, facilitating a liberating sense of expansion and growth. Guided meditation sessions offer a nurturing environment for clients to foster inner peace and connection, while accessing their inner wisdom and intuition.


Parallel to these practices, my role as a spiritual coach empowers clients to align their choices with their true selves and purpose. I explore their goals, values, and aspirations with them, providing compassionate guidance as they navigate life's hurdles and make empowered decisions.


Drawing from my Latin heritage, I emphasize a personal and close-knit approach to my practice, developing deep bonds with my clients. This allows me to provide a uniquely supportive and nurturing space for personal growth and well-being.


My offerings include:


1. Energy Healing Sessions

2. Spiritual Lifestyle Coaching

3. A weekly online healing meditation

4. A monthly healing meditation at The Sacred Space in Summerland, CA

5. All levels of Reiki instruction

6. A workshop series based on Zen principles for healing and living:


   - "Moment by Moment: The Art of Being Present"

   - "Bountiful Blessings: A Gratitude Workshop"

   - "Inner Peace - Part 1: Managing Difficult Emotions and Thoughts"

   - "Inner Peace - Part 2: Mastering Balance"

   - "Embracing Worthiness: Practicing and Building Self-Esteem"

   - "The Power of Kindness: Creating a Compassionate Life"

I invite you to embark on this transformative path of holistic well-being with me.



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