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Guillermina Neal, Reiki, Spiritual lifestyle coach, energy healing, meditation

Guillermina Neal

Reiki Master/Teacher

Usui Reiki/Holy Fire II Practitioner

Intuitive Energy Healer

Certified IWWC Energy Healer

Energy Management

Spiritual lifestyle coach

Healing meditation guide


My name is Guillermina but most people call me Guille (pronounced "Ghee-Jay"). I started training in self-healing through meditation, energy management and energy healing in my home country of Argentina in 1998. In 2012 I was introduced to Reiki (a Japanese technique for stress reduction and healing) which soon became a focal point of my practice.

I have been practicing for 22 years and teaching for 10 years. Energy healing helps my clients release blocks (stress, fear, pain) and energy management techniques (such as meditation, chi-building exercises, metaphysical teachings, and spiritual wisdom) allow them to understand how to intentionally create a healthy and fulfilled life.

In Argentina and in the United States I trained with talented teachers including:

Psy. D., Metaphysical Teacher, Medium, Channel and Energy Healer Pedro E. Rios.

Vibrational Healer/Teacher Christine Christensen

Intuitive Energy Healer (IEH) founder Catherine Morris

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and Author John Salat

At the IWWC with PhD, Metaphysical Teacher, Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher Dr. Anne Reith

Julie Russell, Senior Licensed RMT Usui/Holy Fire II of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT)

Perhaps due to my latin background, I have a very personal approach to my healing practice. I naturally develop a close bond with clients and/or students so I can support and guide each one of them through their personal challenges and healing process.


I offer energy healing sessions, spiritual coaching, I teach all levels of Reiki and a seminar on applied spirituality called Healing Purpose. For a full list of services please go to the main menu link.

Many blessings,


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  • " I reached a point in life when it was time to confront suppressed pain. I am a believer in therapy, all types. I explored a few options and met with a few therapists. I chose Guille’s holistic healing practice and I have been working with her for a few months. Her intuitive nature is genuine and loving. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, a healing meditation guide and a spiritual coach. The best way to describe sessions with her is it’s like spiritual psychology.  She not only treats the personality and ego side of your being but more importantly she has the ability to treat your soul. We can all use a “Soul Coach” especially in these stressful times.If you want to release strong emotions like worry or fear, or clear out stuck energy and prevent new ones from forming, consider engaging someone like Guille." 


  • " Guille is a master healer. Her clear insight and skillful questioning combined with her gift with energy makes her a truly effective healer. There aren’t really words to describe what happens in a session with Guille. Suffice it to it’s like being seen as your highest self  by your best friend and most trusted guide and given the support, space and tools to heal on all levels and integrate this healing  into your daily life. Guille has changed my life in more ways than I can count! She’s helped me heal my core wounds and step into my purpose with power, authenticity and confidence. Because of her teachings and guidance I'm now living with more joy, ease and abundance then ever. I highly recommend working with Guille! "


  • "Guille has a positively kind, nurturing and peaceful energy that allows for a very comfortable learning environment. Her life experience and passion for healing shines through as she passes along her wisdom & extensive knowledge of Reiki and the principles that have become her lifestyle. I received all of my training and attunements with Guille starting at Reiki level 1 through Reiki Master and each was so special & uniquely powerful. What an honor and privilege it has been to study under such a pillar of love & light. My life has been forever changed for the better. As I grow with my personal Reiki practice I know it will shift my journey in wonderful new ways as I build a deeper connection to my true essence. The many offerings, classes, trainings, and healings that Guille provides allow others to become empowered in their personal healing journeys so that we may all help heal our world."


  • "I have had the great honor to call Guille my teacher, my mentor, my inspiration.  From the very moment I met her I knew that I found the person that was going to help change my life forever.  For many years I have been searching and asking the question “what is my purpose?  Why am I here?” And when I went to my first Reiki Meditation class with Guille my questions were answered.  She has the most beautiful spirit and is truly there for her students.  When I have had questions or struggles along the way she was always there to support and encourage me.  My heart and spirit have a completion that I never knew was possible until now, because she helped me along this journey.  I am forever grateful.  Thank you Guille."


  • "Since the moment I met Guille I felt a connection of warmth and understanding on my spiritual journey. Guille offered me tools to heal and evolve from past trauma with Reiki sessions, books, and training activities. I learned to create healthy boundaries within myself and my core values,  allowing me to develop and move forward into the next chapter of the inevitable journey of life. Im grateful to have Guille as my spiritual coach!!"

         ANDREA B., MALIBU

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