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Inner Peace - Part 1: Managing Difficult Emotions and Thoughts


In this pivotal third week of the Reiki Principles Workshop, you'll delve into the profound realm of managing difficult emotions and thoughts to achieve inner peace. Guided by Reiki Master/Teacher, Guille, you'll discover empowering techniques to break free from negative mental and emotional habits such as worry, leading you towards a state of calm and tranquility.

Workshop Dates & Location:

- Date: 10/13/2023

- Time: 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

- Duration: 1 1/2 hours

- Location: The Sacred Space, Summerland, CA


Mastering the Mental Habit of Worry:

Worry is a common mental habit that often clouds our minds with unnecessary stress and anxiety. In this class, you'll learn to identify the root causes of worry and gain invaluable insights into its detrimental effects on your overall well-being. Guille will guide you through transformative exercises and meditations designed to dissolve worrisome thought patterns, leaving you with greater mental clarity and emotional balance.


The Power of Thoughts in Creating Reality:

During this week, you'll explore the profound concept that your thoughts are powerful creators of your reality. Understanding the connection between your thoughts and experiences is key to reshaping your life in positive and fulfilling ways. We will share illuminating insights on how shifting your thought patterns can manifest positive outcomes in your life.


Moving into Creational Thinking:

Breaking free from negative thought and emotional patterns is essential to unlocking your true potential. Guille will introduce you to the transformative practice of creational thinking, where you actively participate in shaping your reality. Through practical exercises and guided meditations, you'll learn to align your thoughts with your deepest desires, paving the way for a life filled with abundance and joy.


Empower Yourself for Inner Peace:

By the end of this enlightening class, you'll emerge empowered with the tools and knowledge to create a mindset that fosters inner peace and harmony and to navigate life's challenges with newfound resilience.


Join the Journey:

The Reiki Principles Workshop is a transformative experience that invites you to explore the depths of your inner world, empowering you to live a life of purpose and fulfillment. As you progress through each week, you'll be guided towards embracing your highest potential and cultivating a sense of inner peace that radiates to all aspects of your existence.

Enrollment Details:

Spaces for the in-person workshop at The Sacred Space are limited to 16. Please reserve your spot promptly as classes usually sell out within two days of being posted on their website: Events at The Sacred Space. If the class is full and you wish to be added to the waiting list please email your request to

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